New Interior Paint That Could Change The World

Interior paint has come a long way over time.  Some of the first signs of paint were said to be made from lime mixed with milk and other natural pigments.  Recently, Sherwin Williams introduced Paint Shield to their line of interior paint products. Paint Shield is the first microbicidal paint to be introduced to the painting industry. Below are some facts about Paint Shield.

*Kills greater than 99.9% of indicated pathogens within 2 hours of exposure on painted surfaces.
*Indicated pathogens include: Staph, MRSA, E. coli and VRE.
*Effective for up to 4 years when surface integrity is maintained.

According to the Sherwin Williams information brochure on Paint Shield, more than 200 Americans with healthcare associated infections will die during their hospital stay each day. Certain strains of bacteria can survive on walls and other surfaces for weeks and sometimes even months. Paint Shield was created to kill these strains of bacteria in order to have safer, healthier environments. While hospitals were the primary focus for the invention of Paint Shield, it is also feasible to be used in schools, day care centers, senior care centers, hotels and even cruise ships. We are also starting to see families use Paint Shield in their own homes to create a healthier environment.

Paint Shield is ideal for all interior hard surfaces such as walls and ceilings. The paint currently is available in 550 light colors and is an eg-shel sheen. AMC Painting is proud to offer this line of paint to all of our commercial and residential customers. If bacteria is a major concern in your home or work environment, consider using Paint Shield for your next painting project.