Choosing The Right Colors

Picking out colors for your home can be one of the most stressful parts of your home painting project. Here at AMC Painting, we do our best to help our clients go through the color selection process as painless as we possibly can. We offer free in-home color consultation appointments for all of our customers that are interested in using that service. Whether you are looking to completely change your current color scheme or looking for more of a freshen up look, our Sherwin Williams color consultant is more than happy to help you carry out your vision. 

There are several online tools and articles that can also help you pick out the right colors for your home. Sherwin Williams and The Home Depot offer free online color visualizer tools that allow you to upload photos of your home and virtually paint your walls with any color you have in mind. While these tools can be helpful, the pixilation of the screen often distorts the image. For example, if you are selecting a brown for the exterior body of your home the actual color chip may appear a few shades lighter or darker in person. These tools are a good starting block for people who are looking at several options, but it is not recommended to make your final decision upon. We always recommend to our customers to apply actual paint samples prior to painting to ensure that they are happy with their color selection.

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