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Here are the top five exterior paint trim colors your neighbors in Colorado Springs are loving right now.

Find the right exterior trim colors for your home with this handy list of popular trim colors that are in demand right now in Colorado Springs. With thousands of satisfied customers, we like to think we have a broad variety of tastes included in our top colors. So do your neighbors. Pikes Peak region residents may prefer earth tones for their exterior body colors, but they love to add a little color to the trim. Take a look at these popular trim color ideas for yourself! We think you’ll find one that works for you.

Exterior Trim Color #1: Pure White SW 7005

sw 7005 pure whiteThis warm white has barely detectable undertones of gray and yellow that bring subtle warmth to your home without making it look like an infirmary. Pure White dials back the severity that white trim can bring to a home’s exterior while providing a beautiful, clean accent to your dominant home color. Painting wood trim white offers homeowners a safe, flexible and elegant choice for the exterior trim on any home because it works with all paint colors. It also gives homeowners an opportunity to explore darker exterior body colors. White trim breaks up darker colors and makes their undertones pop.

Exterior Trim Color #2: Salty Dog SW 9177

SW 9177 Salty DogSalty Dog is a show-stopping shade of dark blue that looks fantastic as a contrasting or complementary color. Sherwin Williams pairs it with gray, light blue and white color schemes, but it has several possibilities you can choose from to transform your home. Blue has rapidly become more popular as both a whole-home color and a trim color. It certainly adds a dynamic curb appeal that looks fresh and inspiring. A neutral blue like Salty Dog is one of the best trim paints to use if you want to stay on trend for years to come, making your home appealing to potential buyers.

Exterior Trim Color #3: Naval SW 6244

SW 6244 NavalSherwin Williams’ 2020 Color of the Year has held strong as a favorite for Colorado Springs residents. Like Salty Dog, it works great for contrast and as an accent color. However, it is a bit darker, so it can appear to be black paint in certain lighting. Fortunately, as an exterior trim color, it will usually come across as a dark blue. Many of our customers even choose to use it as their main exterior house color. Sherwin Williams recommends blue and brown house paint and trim color combinations, but it also looks great with dark blues, blacks and grays.

Exterior Trim Color #4: Tricorn Black SW 6258

SW 6258 Tricorn BlackTricorn Black is a very straightforward shade of black that is a pretty close neighbor to true black. It complements every color imaginable because this particular shade does not have any obvious or tricky undertones to compensate for. Black exterior trim paint colors (and other dark trim color schemes) have risen in popularity over the years. More people recognize its potential for dramatic impact, as well as its versatility. You can pair it with a vibrant color or amplify the drama by contrasting it with a dark gray or another shade of black.

Exterior Trim Color #5: Urbane Bronze SW 7048

SW 7048 Urbane BronzeUrbane Bronze is a warm, dark gray with rich, brown undertones. While it is a darker color, it is a definitive step back from black and definitely not what anyone would consider “greige.” The brown that peeks through this color lends a hand in toning down the darkness, especially on home exteriors with ample light to highlight the undertones. Sherwin Williams pairs it with shades of white and warm, earthy yellows. It can add drama to a front door or create a contrast for a lighter shade in the palette, as well.

Give Your Exterior Trim a Refresh!

A fresh coat of paint can transform your exterior trim and the overall appearance of your home. Not only that, it protects your home! Applying a thorough coat of the best exterior trim paint creates barriers from insects, moisture, bad weather or anything else you might (sometimes literally) throw at it. Any one of these top five shades will make your home look incredible and keep your trim protected through every season. Give AMC Painting a call for a complimentary estimate and we’ll help you get your exterior trim looking fresh, fast. 

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