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Is Hiring a Professional Worth the Cost to Paint a Commercial Building Interior?

When it comes to determining the final cost to paint a commercial building interior, many business owners wonder if hiring a professional is worth the expense. The answer is yes – hiring a professional painting company is absolutely worth it. Now let’s talk about why. As trusted painters serving Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, we’ve spent countless hours painting commercial buildings inside and out. We know just how complex the task can be for someone without the right equipment or experience. Here are four ways that hiring a professional painting company are worth the potential expense: 

Save Time and Money

Every business owner is looking to save time and money. While it may be tempting to round up a few employees and pay them to help after hours, or hire a local “man in a can,”  it may not translate to actual savings for you or your business. This is especially true if you own multi-family rental properties, industrial spaces or large office buildings. One thing we can say with certainty is that DIY commercial painting will not save you time. It definitely will not reduce your stress. 

Here are a few questions to consider when debating about DIY commercial interior painting: 

  • Can you quickly and accurately calculate the amount of paint it will take to cover your
  • building’s interior surfaces? Do you have time to keep returning to the hardware store for more paint? 
  • Will your interior project require multiple coats of paint if you use rollers or brushes? 
  • Do you have time to do the prep work, like covering office furniture and taping off trim and doors?
  • Will you need to work overnights/weekends or close your business for your group to get the job done?
  • Are you confident you can complete the work along those timelines?
  • Have you figured material costs into your commercial painting costs?
  • Have you figured in the cost of tools if you try more advanced techniques? 

Careful commercial interior painting

As you can see, the average cost of commercial painting per square foot is about more than simply applying color to a wall. The answers to these questions highlight just how costly DIY can be in time and effort. Every hour that your or your employees spend on a painting project is time that can be better spent on tasks that generate income or support your customers. 

Hiring a local “man in a can” can be equally frustrating. Will a random hire guarantee their work? Will the painter be able to get the job done fast? Are they insured if they are injured on your property? Do they have the right equipment? Will they use quality commercial paint? These questions are important to consider, too, when debating interior commercial painting costs – will not hiring a professional cost you more in the long run?

Get Access to Premium Paint Products

Your commercial building is an investment. Even if you only lease your space, every update you put into it comes from your hard earned money. Do you really want to paint your space with whatever is on special at Home Depot? 

  • A commercial painter uses quality commercial paint that will withstand serious wear and tear. This includes public spaces, high-touch surfaces, rental properties and other high-use areas.
  • Commercial paint often offers options for commercial building color schemes that you won’t find in the sample cards of your local big box hardware store. After all, colors for commercial buildings require a different degree of professionalism than your average residential interior paint. 
  • Commercial paint also comes with limited warranties that can protect you if your paint does not perform to your satisfaction. While this is rare due to the high foundational quality of commercial paint, it is important to protect your investment!

Transform Your Commercial Property with Professional Application

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional painting company is for the skill and precision a talented crew brings to the project. Our AMC Painting teams will never leave a commercial space with crooked lines, dripping paint, overspray or lumps and bubbles. Our commercial painting rates vary by project, but every single customer receives the following when it comes to applications:

  • Commercial grade paint sprayers, brushes and other painting equipment
  • A crew with years of experience painting a variety of spaces
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Immediate and accurate correction of any mistakes, drips or overspray
  • Care for your commercial interiors and respect for your property
  • Quality of workmanship

Get Back to Business Fast with Speedy Site Clean-up and Close-out

A professional painting company’s goal should be to get your project completed within a reasonable timeline so you can get back to business fast. At AMC Painting, we handle all of the clean-up. We remove our drop cloths and any plastic or tape used during the process. We ensure that the final product is complete and then we do a final walkthrough to ensure that you are completely satisfied. 

The cost to paint interior commercial building spaces should always include a full clean-up and a final walkthrough. There is no reason that you should be doing any follow-up cleaning or painting touch-ups after the crew completes the work. That is, after all, why you hired a professional in the first place. 

Is Hiring a Professional Worth the Cost to Paint a Commercial Building Interior? 

In closing, it’s worth noting that commercial interior painting isn’t necessarily even as costly as you may think. At AMC Painting, we consistently surprise our clients with the reasonable bids we provide during their complimentary estimates. Before you jump into painting your space on your own or hiring a Craigslist painter, call our Fort Collins location for a complimentary estimate. You can then weigh the cost against all the considerations we’ve discussed throughout this article to help you make a decision with confidence. 

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