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What Goes Into the Cost to Paint a Commercial Building Exterior?

March 19, 2024

What Goes Into the Cost to Paint a Commercial Building Exterior?

Are you concerned about the cost to paint a commercial building exterior if you hire a professional? If you are considering painting or repainting the outside of your commercial space, the final cost is a natural worry for every savvy business owner. While we can’t determine what your specific project would cost (we’d need to perform a complimentary estimate for that), we can tell you what you’re getting when you sign your painting contract. But first, let’s go through a quick breakdown of why you should hire a professional painting company. 

Is It Worth the Cost to Hire a Professional Painting Company?

Your building’s exterior is your business’ first impression. This holds true whether you run a hospital, a comic book store, a manufacturing facility or a local restaurant. It is important for you to ensure that you get the job done well to convey the professionalism of your business. Painting your commercial properties is best done by an experienced painting contractor who understands the need for attention to detail and high quality workmanship. 

Here’s what goes into the cost for the average commercial exterior painting project: 

Product: Premium Exterior Commercial Paint

Every painting project depends on the quality of the paint used. AMC Painting uses only trusted, name-brand paint. We know that high-quality paint guarantees your exterior walls looking fresh and new as long as possible. A manufacturer may produce the paint, but we stake our reputation on your trust in us to select only the best product for the job. In Fort Collins, that includes making sure our chosen exterior commercial paint brands can withstand moisture, UV exposure and general wear and tear. 

Premium exterior commercial paints typically offer limited warranties to back up their claims about quality and durability. They come in a variety of finishes to align with your daily operations – semi-gloss for businesses with high traffic or muted eggshell for professional office spaces, for example. A commercial painting company will help you determine your product needs and get you the best paint for the job.

Preparation: Getting a Site Ready for Painting

Getting the exterior space ready for a commercial painting job can be pretty complex. At AMC, our site prep work begins with your estimate. Our estimator assesses your exterior building and scouts the site for potential issues. Are there neighboring businesses that the crew will need to monitor for overspray? Is there landscaping that you will need protected? Is there outdoor equipment or infrastructure that you will need to move before painting? Will you need help with moving items?

We make sure we cover your windows when we begin your project. We also protect any other surface you don’t want painted. If your building requires ladders and scaffolding to complete your commercial painting service, commercial companies will use ladders that are constructed in compliance with all safety regulations. Your team will cover the landscaping close to the site, as well any non-movable structures. Your site coordinator will also alert you to any issues you need to address with neighboring businesses. 

Process: Precision Commercial Paint Application

Precision paint application is where commercial painters set themselves apart from DIY painters or the local “man in a can.” Commercial painting projects operate on a different scale than painting a breakroom or touching up a worn-looking storage shed. We’ve painted the exterior of entire apartment complexes. You will need a large team to get large-scale commercial painting done fast without sacrificing quality. 

Painting a commercial building exterior

Your commercial exterior painting cost includes this expertise. It also includes the application of each coat of paint with the best tools for the job available on the market today. Tools include commercial paint sprayers, high-quality paint and premium brushes and rollers (when required). At AMC, we ensure our labor cost also includes the right number of painters to get the work done quickly without blowing your entire painting budget.

All commercial painting contracts should also include post-project clean-up and site walkthrough in the final cost. The old wilderness scouting adage to “leave it better than you found it” holds true for painting, too. The painting crew should remove all materials from the site. The painters should remove all trash before they leave. A professional painting company removes all evidence that they were there. Well, except for the great-looking building the crew leaves behind. 

Final Thoughts About the Cost to Paint a Commercial Building Exterior

Now that you know what goes into the cost of painting a commercial building exterior, you can make an informed decision about your project. If you’re interested in upgrading your building with a new look, the total cost of hiring professional painters is well worth your investment. 


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