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Exterior Inspiration: The 10 Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colors in Colorado Springs

December 22, 2022

Get inspired for your next home improvement project with AMC Painting’s list of the top 10 most popular exterior house colors in Colorado Springs. We paint hundreds of homes in the Pikes Peak region each year and we keep track of all of our data to stay in-the-know about the latest trends. If you’ve been struggling with choosing a color for your home this list of color trends should help spark your imagination. Compiled from homes painted throughout Colorado Springs, from Monument and Briargate to Fountain and the Broadmoor (and a whole lot more in between), here are the top 10 exterior paint colors.

Top Colorado Springs Exterior Paint Colors in Green

Light green home exterior paint colors allow homeowners to add a touch of hue to their home’s exterior without feeling overwhelmed. It is a great compromise for people who want a more neutral shade, but are not keen on grays or browns. 

Clary Sage SW 6178

sw 6176 clary sageThis muted sage green exterior house paint  looks great with a variety of trim and door colors, giving you an affordable way to change up your house (re-painting just the trim) without doing an entire repaint. It adds just the right amount of whimsy to your home’s curb appeal without looking garish. 

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (Sherwin Williams Color of the Year)

sw 9130 evergreen fogDespite the “evergreen” in the title, Sherwin Williams’ color of the year definitely leans toward the ethereal fog. Described by the company as a “gray-green,” Evergreen Fog is less green than Clary Sage, but certainly sets itself apart from strictly gray exterior house paints.

Best Exterior Gray Paint Colors

Gray is a consistent winner from homeowners, and why not? It comes in a variety of shades, many with tinted undertones that you can pick up in trim or landscaping. In Colorado Springs, it’s in the top for exterior house painting color ideas, with the colors below reigning supreme.

Westchester Gray SW 2849

sw 2849 westchester grayThis deeper gray is not quite as dramatic as other dark gray exterior paint colors. This is beneficial to any homeowner who doesn’t want to commit to painting the whole body of the home a super dark color.

Storm Cloud SW 6249

sw 6249 storm cloudStorm Cloud is classified by Sherwin Williams as a blue-grey house paint, which means it works well with beige accents and other shades of grey. It also happens to look phenomenal against a Southern Colorado sky.

Dovetail SW 7018

sw 7018 dovetailDovetail leans heavily into modern greige trends, a color somewhere between gray and beige. It’s one of the most popular exterior home colors right now and its classic look will absolutely hold strong for years.

Perfect Greige SW 6073

sw 6073 perfect greigePerfect Greige has more beige than Dovetail for homeowners seeking to differentiate from purer forms of gray or milder greige tones. It is an excellent color for homeowners who are planning to sell their home because it is neutral without being boring.

Modern Gray SW 7632

sw 7632 modern grayModern Gray is one of the top exterior paint colors in Colorado Springs because it is light and bright and very compatible with other colors. Sherwin Williams pairs it with Plum Dandy on its inspiration page to give you an idea of its flexibility.

Earth Tones and Natural House Paint Colors

White and beige exterior house color combinations have thrived for decades because they are versatile and classic. They fit well in almost any neighborhood and make it easy for prospective buyers to imagine a home as their own. Both white and beige have consistently made AMC Painting’s top 10 colors selected by homeowners in Southern Colorado.

Balanced Beige SW 7037

sw 7037 balanced beigeBalanced Beige works well with Colorado’s Rocky Mountain color palette and especially well as a great exterior paint color for stucco walls and fencing. It’s neutral enough to stay on-trend throughout the next few years, too.

Shiitake SW 9173

sw 9173 shiitakeShiitake is a warm, neutral shade of beige with a few hints of gray to pull it back from becoming a strict earth tone. Homeowners love its welcoming feel and it also works for the stucco siding that has become more popular in Colorado in recent years.

Pure White SW 7005

sw 7005 pure whiteWhen it comes to selecting a beautiful house paint, you truly cannot go wrong with a bright white. It goes with any trim color, any landscaping and any decking you add on to your home. It is one of the best exterior paint colors for farmhouse style homes, as well.

What is Your Top Favorite Color?

We hope we’ve helped you get the inspiration wheels turning for your upcoming home exterior painting project. Will you pick soft greens, earthy beiges or the ever-popular greens that are starting to take over? Or have all these tones inspired you to seek out a vibrant jewel tone or sunny yellow? Whatever you choose, give AMC Painting a call for a no-hassle, no-obligation complimentary estimate. We can save you time and provide you with a finished project you will love to come home to every single day.


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